Who We Help

As the largest independent investment advisor in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, we have had the privilege of guiding many people on their financial wellness journey. From pre- and post-retirees, to small business owners, to individuals navigating the unexpected loss of a loved one - Hull Wealth Management partners with clients from various backgrounds and stages of life.

Pre- and Post-Retirees

Today’s economic climate is more complex than ever before - especially when it comes to retirement. We work with pre- and post-retirees who value the guidance and objectivity that only an independent firm like ours can offer.

Whether your biggest retirement fear is running out of money or navigating complex social security benefits, we will help you understand the nuances of retirement and how to overcome potential obstacles.

Small Businesses and Business Owners

Your small business is possibly your most valuable asset. Understanding how to manage the financial side of your company is critical to its long-term viability and determining how to efficiently extract cash from your business is essential to achieving your financial goals. We help small businesses work through buy/sell issues, exit strategies and planning, and tax efficient retirement plans.

Individuals and Families

Through our comprehensive financial planning services, we help individuals and families build assets and achieve financial security. Working as your financial advocate, we will guide you through common and complex situations with independent advice tailored to your best interest. From helping you choose an appropriate education savings plan for your child, to monitoring the progress of your financial plan, to planning your legacy - Hull Wealth Management will be there for you through it all.